Always in
good company

A memorable event needs to do more than engage its audience,
it needs to captivate them and immerse them in its world.

Impactful productions,
flawless delivery

Productions and events that leave lasting impressions require the expertise and dedication of a seasoned producer.

Enter COMPANYdee.

With three decades experience and a cavalcade of premier productions to her name, Dee Cameron is a creative problem solver and executive producer who has turned perfection into an art form.

Dee’s ability to conceptualise and seamlessly deliver events of every scale can be seen in COMPANYdee’s impressive body of work. Her cut-through vision and natural rapport with clients is underlined by transparency and open communication,ensuring the client is a valued partner throughout the creative journey.

Held in high esteem by top creative talents across various industry realms, COMPANYdee proudly collaborates with a handpicked inner sanctum of like-minded experts who are each other’s preferred working partners.

Experience is everything


COMPANYdee has a proud history of working with creative agencies; corporations and like-minded individuals across industry-leading events all over the world.

From award-winning documentary productions through to the creation and staging of corporate events on a global scale, COMPANYdee’s body of work speaks to the expertise, capabilities and dedication of the woman behind the name.

It's all about the relationship

Brilliant collaborations and partnerships are the backbone of a successful event and COMPANYdee is proud of the relationships she has established and continues to nurture.

“With a consistent and unwavering professionalism and friendly attitude, Dee is able to take a brief for a complex project and work with all parts of the Financial Review’s business, external suppliers and internal departments. She ensures that the finished product is to brief, on time, on budget and of the quality expected by the Financial Review.”

Carolyn Hardy
Former Marketing Manager
The Australian Financial Review

"Dee’s creative and technical eye was instrumental in developing nearly all of the presentation for the Hyundai Dealership Meeting in just under 30 days. She was able to work with a huge array of stakeholders including senior management to provide them with the vision and the tools for what they would need to do to deliver their presentations. The event was viewed by the business as their most successful ever and Dee was instrumental to that success."

Ben Greenslade
Head of Sponsorship & Events
Innocean Worldwide Australia

“Dee is always a delight to work with, creative and resourceful but at the same time great with process and detail. She has both directed and produced with us and has excelled at both, with great verve and a fantastic temperament.”

David Jellings
Mental Media

“Dee is the person you give a project to and know it will be delivered. She will take control, own the client relationship, manage the team and work in partnership with strategists and creatives to ensure the project’s objectives are being met.”

Dan Pearce
Director of Operations
JMW Worldwide, Sydney

“Dee and I have been working together for over a decade now, and I would have to say that she is definitely my EP of choice. As an Executive Producer (and Mentor), she is second to none."

Dave Marshall
Technical Producer

Let's get to it !

When it comes to how I can help, I’m all ears. Whether you want to float an idea past us for our initial thoughts, or have something in mind you need us to jump right on to, reach out for a prompt response.


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